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Posted by christ davis on May 21, 2008

I can’t cough up my own post, but Rude Pundit is bringing the good shit. Go read it and tell me he’s wrong, if you dare.


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How Many More Sausage Heads ?

Posted by christ davis on May 7, 2008

In response to an article in the New York Times regarding the Bell murder protests, some comments were so precious. Regard:

“NYPD with 36 thousand cops killed 10 people last year in a city with over 8 million people plus the millions more that flood it from NJ & LI. We have one of the most restrained police forces in terms of deadly force in the US. Sure theyll stop a black man for sneezing but these protests are just to keep Al Sharpton relevant…”

— Posted by marsel

How ironic, in the name of fairness and justice, the protestors blocked innocent people from their business, medical, social and other appointments in the city. Yeah, that’ll win the public over. Showboating Al Sharpton and his gullible minions would do better to familiarize themselves with due process and civil order, and plan a more effective strategy for dealing with anger.

I was stuck in Harlem coming off the Triboro Bridge trying to get home. I sat for about half an hour in my car, engine off, as people sat in front of my car.

If their goal was to get headlines, they got them. But this verdict has received lots of media attention already. I hope they feel they accomplished something, since I really had to pee and it was pretty close call there.

— Posted by sarah

Civil disobedience does not takes courage when you are part of a ugly mob.

These people are a selfish mob to block roads and bridges.

Working people who see these fools should and will mock and resent them for it.

I am sorry I posted this so late in the day as I was delayed driving home today.

— Posted by Patrick”

anyone else notice Sharpton waited until AFTER Obama locked up the Nomination by winning North Carolina last night?

Now THAT’S smart politics.

keep the protests (that are sure to be viewed as racial in the media) out of the presidential primary.

well played, Al.

— Posted by bob

“What a bunch of jerks! They basically took the drivers hostage!

— Posted by Julia”

Thank you Mr. Sharpton for diverting resources and money that could actually be helping poor people and crime riden neighborhoods. Also, thanks for leading individuals to waste gasoline when its price is at an all-time high as drivers cam to a stop as they sat idly thanks to your tactics. In turn, you hurt the environment and many’s pocketbooks who had absolutely nothing to do with the Bell tragedy.

— Posted by RSH

Further evidence the US is becoming a banana republic (a la Argentina, for example): protesters who think it’s acceptable to block the flow of traffic. Commuters, law-abiding and blameless, must have been frothing at the mouth.

God forbid this should become the norm.

Here is a police force that, if anything, has shown restraint, and whose tactics, if anything, have SAVED black lives. So let’s not have any of those self-pitying, populist allegations of institutionalized racism — which and off which Mr. Sharpton feeds.

Pity Mr. Bell. Wish, with Mr. Sharpton, that it had been Mr. Sharpton. For a martyr is what Mr. Sharpton so plainly craves to be.

— Posted by Matthew Z

Vietnamese dominate the nail care business…Koreans dominate the dry-cleaning business… and Others dominate the public-disturbance and mayhem business. They really have their priorities straight.

— Posted by Jack

I simply can’t see how protests do anything but antagonize and potentially harm the innocents caught in the traffic jams.

Do the protesters ever think of anyone but themselves?…

— Posted by MD

In fact, the city I live in is and always has been marred by  vicious behavior by the cops, mostly aimed at Blacks, followed closely by whining and gnashing of teeth by the local press when some other Blacks and their liberal lapdogs dare to protest. Until very recently, maybe five years, our little slice of heaven on earth was the most physically segregated city in the u.s. It is a bit different now, but not much. The same high-tech bullshit as above comes out of the less evolved segment of our Fair City every time the cops beat someone half to death for reacting negatively to a baker’s dozen cops landing on his back.

I deal with poor, fucked-for-life men every day, about 1/2 & 1/2 Black and White. This city used to be a major manufacturing center, but now there are mostly crap jobs for no money, and temp at that. No benefits or insurance for sure and usually just enough money to make a person ineligible for general assistance insurance or food stamps. For men who want to work but are thwarted at every turn, many turn to petty crime or idle drunkenness, which only adds more gaps to their work history.

This post has slewed in a slightly different  direction than I intended, but is still within the subject of ignorant race bating and ugliness of spirit causing other humans undue harm, discounted if the trains are running on time, or even if they aren’t.

One idea that never caught my imagination is that there are, other than cultural expression, fundamental differences between people with different skin colors. Until I was about eight, I lived in several small communities that were mostly white, with a smattering of Mexican migrant workers who stopped, in one town. In a few years the State was raising me and that is when I discovered Blacks, outside of the context of music/movies. Forced to engage each other we broke into four camps: Blacks; Whites; Whites emulating Blacks(poorly); Humans. I have always identified with the Humans. I understand intellectually that there are people who divide the world into useless categories predicated on skin color, or religion, or allegiance to a fucking sports team, and that some of these sausage heads are prepared to kill to maintain the division. But I’ll be damned if I can wrap my head around this idea. Trying to figure this behavior out has consumed more time than I can calculate.

Not for a minute attempting to position myself as some sort of avatar of righteous behavior, I have been able to navigate through life without having to resort to reducing the entire species to abstractions in order not to have to deal with individuals. I know that I am not alone, but with 6+ billions of our species on the planet, statistically there should be fewer sausage heads, right?

good night, Family


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CarnivUL of The fraudless

Posted by christ davis on April 30, 2008

Go now to The Frame Problem and check out the fun. There is a fine collection of videos and some coherent yakking about Anonymous and the Scientologist jackasses.

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