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Posted by christ davis on December 2, 2007

I was reading about a lay demonologist today, which reminded me of an old friend who I haven’t seen in years. A quick search brought me to his website. My old friend has parlayed his desire to believe in ghosts into a money making enterprise. I remember in the 1980s, when we both consumed prodigious quantities of alcohol and weed, he was always meditating and talking about entities. I always laughed at his notions and he often looked sheepish, but he found enough gullible people convinced he was actually removing ghosts from their homes to make money from it. He has had his nonsense validated on the local TV stations, as well as those paragons of rationality, Sightings, Strange Universe, Coast to Coast and Pravda.

I read through some of his stuff and there is a strong vein of bullshit throughout. As chiropractors do, my old friend claims that his technique can resolve just about any physical, emotional or alleged psychic problem that a credulous mind can conjure. Of course, “multiple sessions can be arranged if you feel you need them”.

Then there is the house “clearing”.

You May Be Living In A Sea Of Harmful Emotional Energies
“Emotional Sweat”

What is this supposed to mean? If I look for a coherent explanation, I am lead down a meandering path of circular explanation and obfuscatory links to other people who do the same thing for a living. And the grammar! Is there a style manual that these mush-heads all crib from when constructing a sentence?

I realize that I am not saying anything that has not been said over and over, and likely more articulately, but looking at the website of my old friend it is incredible to me that he can make a living with the second-string nonsense he spouts. The interviews and clips he makes available make me think he smoked one to many bongs back in the day.

Too sad…


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