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The Big Time, Baby!

Posted by christ davis on December 12, 2007

I have been privileged to join the Atheist Blogroll. I suppose now I’ll have to write a coherent post.


6 Responses to “The Big Time, Baby!”

  1. Mojoey said

    I, Mojoey, tag you with the \”Seven Random and Weird Things Meme\”.

  2. the chaplain said

    Welcome to the blogroll. You’ll find a diverse bunch of people with lots of interesting things to say.

  3. I ❤ your blog.

  4. christ davis said

    Thank you both.

  5. Interested said

    I ❤ your blog.

    What does this mean? Just curious.

  6. The little ❤ thingie? I had to look it up, too, having been offline when everyone started to text and chat and having an aversion to obfuscating lingo. It means “I love your blog”. The characters represent a heart on it’s side.

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