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Feeling superfluous

Posted by christ davis on February 14, 2008

There are so many articulate, well read people out there in the aetheosphere that it seems that there is nothing that I could write that will not have been said more succinctly by one of the regulars I read. Partly, this is due to the lack of practice I have actually writing things down in a reasonably coherent manner. I can talk my ass off, and do. I have had long discussions of poetry, politics and biology with a good friend of mine. I am interested in all of these topics, but I understand the limits of my knowledge. I have a dread of stepping out past the point where I know what the hell I’m talking about. I can and will offer my opinions on other peoples posts, but that is a much different thing than constructing a post of my own that makes sense. I do not want to gain a reputation like Denise O’Leary and her ilk, all incoherence and bluster. So, I will be sticking to what I know something about: religion and the toxic idiocy that it catalyzes in unwary people. There are no shortage of these unfortunates around me.

Let’s see how this goes, I tell the crickets chirping in the audience.


Speaking of good reading, go to here for some bloggy goodness.


3 Responses to “Feeling superfluous”

  1. stardust said

    Just keep writing, you have more readers than you realize. Many people read and don’t comment. I see on my sitemeter I have between 50-100 visitors a day, and only about 5 comments a day, if that. Sometimes more, often none. I started my blog for myself, and I write for myself to organize my thoughts and practice writing. I’ve gained a little following of regular commenters, and that’s fine with me.

  2. Interested said

    Stardust is right. I have you bookmarked and I come here often. I enjoy your posts. Keep writing.

  3. Evolved said

    Thanks for the plug!

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