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CarnivUL of The fraudless

Posted by christ davis on April 30, 2008

Go now to The Frame Problem and check out the fun. There is a fine collection of videos and some coherent yakking about Anonymous and the Scientologist jackasses.


2 Responses to “CarnivUL of The fraudless”

  1. Floyd is also section of the team of writers for Purple – Stuff – TV.
    Although he received many rejections for his first novel, A Time to Kill, Grisham
    went on to write such bestsellers as The Firm, The Chamber,
    The Client and The Runaway Jury. Ok, let’s change my life.

  2. From this viewer’s standpoint, it turned out simply a few time before Fox took benefit from just one more television series resurrection, depending on the resounding resurgence in the massively popular “Family Guy”. Perhaps the American Idol creators could do an online talent show made up of two-minute tryouts or even the creator of Sex within the City could perform a few shorts with some snarky women discussing sex. We saw a glimpse of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey, although it really is too soon to gauge her functionality, through the brief moments we say her and Peter jointly, they gave the impression to have excellent chemistry.

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